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Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute

Administration and Staff

Trish Ward, BS

Center Administrator, JHMRI

Trish Ward, BS is Center Administrator for Peter Agre. Trish handles Dr. Agre’s communication, scheduling his calendar, making his travel arrangements and represents Dr. Agre when he is traveling. She also works closely with Genevieve Williams in organizing JHMRI programs, visitors and special events. 

Genevieve Williams, MPH, MBA

Program Manager, JHMRI 
Research Administrator, Southern Africa International Center of Excellence for Malaria Research (ICEMR)

Genevieve Williams organizes annual board meetings, Malaria Friday Seminar Series, the autumn and spring conferences. She is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Carey School of Business.

Meredith Piplani, BS

Senior Financial Analyst 
JHMRI and Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology (MMI)

Meredith is responsible for oversight of the JHMRI gift funds and day to day financial operations for JHMRI and MMI. She is also the financial analyst on the JHMRI ICEMR project.