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Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute

Faculty and Groups

Peter Agre

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
JHMRI Director

Research: aquaporins in malaria parasites and Anopheles mosquitoes.

Deborah Andrew

Professor, SOM, Department of Cell Biology

Research: salivary gland biology

Isabelle Coppens


Research: malaria parasite autophagy in liver.

George Dimopoulos

Professor, JHMRI Deputy Director
Director of Parasitology Core

Research: immune system and microbiology of Anopheles midgut.

Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena

JHMRI Deputy Director
Director of Insect Core

Research: Anopheles mid-gut ookinete invasion.

Gary Ketner


Research: basic adenovirus biology and on the use of adenoviruses for malaria vaccines development.

Richard Markham


Research: HIV and malaria vaccine research.

Conor McMeniman

Assistant Professor

Research: mosquito olfactory function

William Moss

Professor, Department of Epidemiology
Program Director of the Southern Africa International Center of Excellence for Malaria Research (ICEMR)

Research: malaria transmission in the field.

Douglas Norris

Entomology Project Leader for the Southern Africa ICEMR

Research: field entomology of Anopheles arabiensis.

Chris Potter

Associate Professor, SOM, Department of Neuroscience

Research: sensory and neuronal function

Sean Prigge

Director of Biophysics Core

Research: biophysical studies of malaria apicoplast and mitochondrial proteins.

Clive Shiff

Associate Professor
ICEMR Training Director

Research: malaria surveillance in Southern Africa.

Theresa Shapiro

Professor, SOM, Division of Clinical Pharmacology

Research: Molecular and clinical pharmacology of antimalaria drugs.

Photini Sinnis

JHMRI Deputy Director

Research: sporozoites in skin and circumsporozoite protein.

Prakash Srinivasan

Assistant Professor

Research: host-parasite interactions and vaccine development

Jenny Stevenson

Senior Research Associate

Research: mosquito field biology.

Monique Stins

Assistant Professor

Research: cerebral malaria.

David Sullivan


Research: malaria diagnostics and therapeutics.

Phil Thuma

Senior Scientific Advisor, Malaria Institute at Macha / Macha Research Trust

Fidel Zavala

JHMRI Deputy Director

Research: T cells against malaria in liver.