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Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute


Winter/Spring Malaria Friday Seminars - Fridays at 4:00 p.m.

19-Jan-18David Sullivan (BSPH) "Selection of new liver stage malaria drugs: Horse pills or gut-liver recirculation"W2008
26-Jan-18Ben Zaitchik (JHU) "An environmentally-informed malaria risk warning system for the western Amazon"W2008
2-Feb-18no seminar; MMI Student Recruitment --
9-Feb-18Monique Stins (BSPH) “Cerebral Malaria Pathogenesis: how a parasite can communicate neurological dysfunctrion”W2008
16-Feb-18Chandy John (Indiana University) "What causes cognitive impairment after severe malaria?"W2008
23-Feb-18Rahul Bakshi (JHSOM, Shapiro Lab) "Long-acting injectable atovaquone nanomedicines for malaria prophylaxis"W2008
2-Mar-18Sethu Nair (BSPH, Prigge Lab) "A novel lipoate ligase enzyme mediating acetylCoA generation in human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum"*W3008*
9-Mar-18Kristin Poti (BSPH, Sullivan Lab) "Investigating the in vivo kinetics of the P. falciparum histidine rich protein 2"W2008
16-Mar-18Akhil Vaidya (Drexel University) "New Antimalarials that Disrupt Ion and Lipid Homeostasis"W2008
23-Mar-18Ashraful Haque (QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute) “Using single-cell genomics and mathematical modelling to explore host/parasite interactions during blood-stage Plasmodium infection”W2008
30-Mar-18Hannah MacLeod (BSPH, Dimopoulos Lab) "There's more than one way to kill a mosquito: exploring the broad entomopathogenic activity of chromobacteria"W2008
6-Apr-18Marisa Hast (BSPH, Moss) "The impact of targeted IRS, vector dynamics, and population movement on malaria in a high-transmission setting in northern Zambia"W2008
13-Apr-18Socrates Herrera (Caucaseco Scientific Research Center - Cali, Colombia) "Sterile protection of human volunteers immunized with Plasmodium vivax radiation-attenuated sporozoites"W2008
20-Apr-18Gary Ward (University of Vermont) "New Approaches to Understanding How Toxoplasma Tachyzoites Move"W2008
27-Apr-18no seminar the week of World Malaria Day  --
4-May-18Gaspar Canepa (NIAID) “The Good, the Bad, and the Loop: Epitope Mapping of Plasmodium falciparum Pfs47 Reveals a Novel Malaria Transmission-Blocking Target”W2008
11-May-18Sung-Jae Cha (BSPH, Jacobs-Lorena) "Molecular characterization of the ligand receptor interaction between Plasmodium sporozoites and liver cells leads to identification of novel strategies for protection against malarial death"W2008
18-May-18Jaquin Niles (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)W2008
25-May-18Memorial Day weekend; no seminar --


Fall 2017 Malaria Friday Seminar series - Fridays 4:00 p.m.


Sabra Klein (BSPH)
"Sex differences in malaria vaccine efficacy depend on age"

15-Sep-17no JHMRI seminar the week of the Molecular Parasitology MeetingW2008

Conor McMeniman (BSPH)
"Neural Circuitry Mediating Mosquito CO2 Detection"

29-Sep-17Mike Povelones (University of Pennsylvania)
"Targeting regulators of the mosquito complement-like pathway to block malaria transmission"

Gibbs Nasir (BSPH, Sinnis)
"The Role of Antibodies Targeting Plasmodium Sporozoites: Is the Greatest Impact at the Inoculation Site?"


Ian Cockburn (Australia National University)
"T and B cell responses to Plasmodium sporozoites"

20-Oct-17Giovanna Carpi (BSPH, Norris)
"Plasmodium diversity in vectors and humans through the lens of genomics”
27-Oct-17David Serre (University of Maryland)
"Drug Resistance and Relapse in Plasmodium vivax"
3-Nov-17No seminar; The Future of Malaria Research 
10-Nov-17Tomoko Ishino (Ehime University - Japan)
"Identification of a male specific protein involved in exflagellation"
17-Nov-17Photini Sinnis (BSPH)
"Using the Rodent Malaria Model to Understand the Force of Malaria Infection"
24-Nov-17No JHMRI seminar the week of Thanksgiving 
1-Dec-17Clive Shiff (BSPH)
"The mosquito, damn it"
8-Dec-17David Sullivan (BSPH) "Subclinical malaria in Bangladesh"W2008
15-Dec-17Matt Ippolito (JHSOM)

"The Clinical Pharmacology of Malaria Control and Elimination: Untangling the Antigametocyte Effects of ACTs"


Past Seminars