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Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute

Malaria Drug Development & Resistance
World Malaria Symposium - 25 April 2018


Registration is free.   **Click here to register by the April 10th deadline.**

Call for Posters
For consideration, submit poster abstracts to by Tuesday, April 10, 2018. Abstracts must include title all authors, institutions and be in MS Word, under 300 words and in Arial 11 pt size font. Download the abstract format here.

The Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute is sponsoring a special malaria drug meeting to be held in conjunction with World Malaria Day, 25 April 2018 at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. The symposium will begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 5:30 p.m., reception to follow.

The confirmed speakers are listed below:

Kelly Chibale, PhD - “PfPI4K Inhibitor MMV048”
Department of Chemistry and IDM
University of Cape Town, South Africa

Tawanda Gumbo, MD - “Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Intracellular Pathogens in Drug Development
Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Experimental Therapeutics
Baylor Institute of Immunology Research, Dallas, Texas

Kip Guy, PhD - “SJ733 from Discovery to Clinic”
College of Pharmacy
University of Kentucky

Dennis Kyle, PhD - Mitochondrial Heteroplasmy and Atovaquone Resistance in Plasmodium falciparum
Department of Infectious Diseases
College of Veterinary Medicine
The University of Georgia

Geoff McFadden, PhD - “Can We Build a Genetic Trap for Drug Resistant Malaria?”
School of BioSciences
University of Melbourne, Australia

Steve Meshnick, MD, PhD - “Artemisinin – How It Works and How It Doesn’t Work
Department of Epidemiology
University of North Carolina, Gillings School of Global Public Health

Margaret Phillips, PhD - Targeting Dihydroorotate Dehydrogenase for the Treatment of Malaria
Department of Biochemistry
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Leo Slater, PhD - “A Brief History of Antimalaria Drug Development: Early Models and Medicine
National Science Foundation
Washington, DC

Jianping Song, MD/PhD - “Mass Drug Administration on Comoros Island”
Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
People’s Republic of China

Giovanni Traverso, MD, PhD - “Novel GI Delivery Systems in a Few Movements"
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Harvard Medical School

Akhil Vaidya, PhD - "Targeting Na+ and Lipid Homeostasis in Parasites by Antimalarials"
Center for Molecular Parasitology
Drexel University

Thomas E. Wellems, MD, PhD - “Genetics of Artemisinin Delayed Clearance Phenotype”
Laboratory of Malaria and Vector Research (LMVR)
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Timothy Wells, FMedSci, PhD - “Discovering and Delivering New Medicines to Control and Eradicate Malaria”
Medicines for Malaria Venture
Geneva, Switzerland


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Left image: Portrait of Eli Kennerly Marshall, Jr. who helped develop chloroquine to treat malaria. Photo credit: Chesney Medical Archives, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions 
Right image: Malaria drug administration to infant. Photo credit: Gary Knight