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Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute


Johns Hopkins Malaria Minute Podcast

Episode #3 | 15 October 2021
Malaria parasites mutate again and have ability to evade RDTs, rapid diagnostic tests.

Results from a large study in Ethiopia showed that P. falciparum malaria parasites have mutated and have the worrisome ability to avoid being detected by the widely used RDTs.

Special Episode | 8 October 2021
‘Groundbreaking’ Malaria Vaccine Endorsed by WHO.

The world’s first-ever malaria vaccine is recommended for widespread use among children by the WHO.

Episode #2 | 1 October 2021
Preventing Malaria During the Rainy Season

A new trial investigates whether drugs or vaccines – or a combination of both – are most effective at preventing malaria during the seasonal period, and the WHO’s malaria director considers the current situation in malaria eradication.

Episode #1 | 17 September 2021
Scientists Discover New Targets for Transmission-Blocking Vaccines

We're used to thinking of vaccines for individual protection. But what about a malaria jab to protect the mosquito? Learn more about transmission-blocking vaccines for malaria, and the parasite proteins that could be used in one.