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Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute

Research at Macha

Any scientist or student interested in conducting research at MIAM should first contact the administrative or scientific director, to receive up-to-date information on the site. If it is determined that the proposed project is appropriate and feasible for the Macha site, MIAM administration will work with the investigator in establishing the best way to move the project forward. This will include assistance in obtaining Zambian national ethics approval, as well as arranging for use of vehicles, Internet access, personnel, lab space and equipment that may be needed. Fees for all services will be agreed upon before the project begins, and arrangements made for timely payment to MIAM for services rendered. Please contact MIAM for current prices.


The site has 24-hour electric service from the national grid, with generator back up. Communication is available by a radio link with Choma, a reliable satellite-based system including full broad-band Internet connectivity and VOIP telephony, which allows for voice communication to and from regular phone numbers, using the broadband satellite connection.


Please use the following contacts if you have questions about the Malaria Institute at Macha, or if you are interested in conducting or collaborating in research at the site.

PO Box 630166
Choma, Zambia

615 N. Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21205