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Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute

About the Podcast

The Johns Hopkins Malaria Minute podcast shares important advances in malaria research in 60 seconds with the global community interested and committed to the goal of malaria elimination. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

The premise behind this podcast is simple: to highlight impactful scientific findings to experts worldwide. Aimed directly at malaria professionals—from emerging to established scientists, researchers, and policymakers—the podcast encourages the global conversation and sharing of knowledge about malaria research.

The podcast will be produced every two weeks by the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, with the voiceover delivered by the podcast’s original creator, Thomas Locke.

When Thomas Locke was a thirteen-year-old student in the UK, he won national recognition in a competition sponsored by the pharmaceutical company GSK with a project he and a classmate created aimed at improving public understanding of malaria. As a continuation, he developed a podcast called Malaria Minute.

The Malaria Minute has since been featured on the BBC and was awarded a Gold CREST Award from the British Science Association. In 2021, his podcast was rebranded as the Johns Hopkins Malaria Minute and is featured on the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute website and shared on Malaria World, the leading site frequented by malariologists.