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Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute


Important dates

Letter of Intent to Submit due: November 1
Full Application due: December 1
Funding begins: January 1 of the following year

Letter of Intent should be dated, addressed to the JHMRI Director and Deputy Directors and list the anticipated specific aims.  Letters and applications MUST come from the applicant with their mentor's approval.  Candidates are advised to discuss their eligibility prior to preparing an application with Genevieve Williams, Program Manager (Tel. 410-614-4883, email:

Background and Purpose

Eligibility criteria

Financial Support

Pre-doctoral and Post-doctoral fellows will receive the following support from JHMRI:

Application Procedure

Letters of Intent are expected by November 1. Invited applicants may be asked to present brief summaries of their proposed research.

Pre-doctoral applications must include:

Post-doctoral applications must include:

Submit both electronically to:
Genevieve Williams
Program Manager
Room E5141
Bloomberg School of Public Health
615 N. Wolfe Street, Baltimore, MD 21205


All regular term pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellows supported by the JHMRI funds are expected to present their research work (paper/poster) at a JHMRI or MMI event as well as give a Malaria Friday Seminar presentation and assist with other duties for Malaria Friday Seminars and JHMRI symposia. Fellows are expected to regularly attend Malaria Friday Seminars. Presentations and publications must acknowledge the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute and the Bloomberg Philanthropies. For progress reporting, please use the JHMRI Fellowship Progress Report Form and follow the NIH Form 398 guidelines. 

First Year Progress Report is due on 1 month prior to completion of the 1st year and should include:

Final Progress Report is due at the end of the second year and should include:

Publication Acknowledgments

Publications and presentations must acknowledge the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute and the Bloomberg Philanthropies.