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Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute


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Fall 2019 Malaria Seminar Series - Fridays at 4:00 p.m.

Friday DatesSpeaker, Affiliation, and Presentation Title
9/6/2019Simon Draper, University of Oxford, “Towards a Vaccine for Blood-Stage Malaria – Every Antibody Counts!”
9/13/2019Peter Crompton, National Institutes of Health, “A new role for natural killer cells in host defense against malaria”
9/20/2019Tejram Sahu, Coppens lab, JHMRI, “Liver-stage specific mutant Plasmodium: A candidate for Infection Treatment Vaccination”
9/27/2019Jürgen Bosch, Case Western Reserve University, “Viva Vivax: Long-term culturing of P. vivax in human red cells”
10/4/2019Douglas Norris, “The Wild, Wild West of Malaria Vector Biology and Ecology
10/11/2019Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena, “Exploring the molecular basis for Anopheles swarming and mating
10/18/2019Theresa Shapiro, “Antimalarial Drugs: The Potential of Kinetics”
10/25/2019Jennifer Güler, University of Virginia, “The AT-rich genome poises Plasmodium falciparum for adaptation
11/1/2019Bill Moss, “Malaria Eradication”
11/8/2019Dick Markham, “From Mouse to Infant Macaque: Developing a Malaria Sporozoite Vaccine
11/15/2019Niraj Tolia, National Institutes of Health, “Structural vaccinology for malaria”
11/22/2019Week of the Future of Malaria Research Symposium & the annual ASTMH meeting
11/29/2019Thanksgiving holiday
12/6/2019Wei Huang, Jacobs-Lorena lab, “Bacterial Suppression of Malaria Transmission in Mosquitoes
12/13/2019Heather Painter, Food & Drug Administration, “Capturing Fateful Transcriptional Decisions of the Malaria Parasite” 


Winter/Spring 2019 Malaria Seminar Series - Fridays at 4:00 p.m.

DateSpeaker (Affiliation)Location
1-FebEmma Camacho (JHSPH, Casadevall lab) “Exploring the Anopheles gambiae melanin-based immune response against malaria parasite”W2008
8-FebPurnima Bhanot (Rutgers New Jersey Medical School) “Basic biology to directed drug discovery: Targeting Plasmodium’s pre-erythrocytic stages to block mammalian infection”W2008
15-FebJulia Pringle (JHBSPH, Norris/Moss Labs) "Plasmodium falciparum genetics for uncovering mechanisms of sustained malaria transmission in Zambia"W2008
22-FebMike Wells (JHSOM, Andrew Lab) "Mosquito salivary gland cell architecture shapes the journey of Plasmodium sporozoites"W2008
1-MarBill Moss (JHBSPH) "The Southern and Central Africa International Centers of Excellence for Malaria Research”*W3008*
8-MarMaria Luisa Simoes (Dimopoulos) "CTL4 gene knockout blocks Plasmodium infection in the vector mosquito"W2008
15-MarNoah Butler (University of Iowa) "Regulatory circuits that constrain durable immunity against malaria"W2008
22-MarRachel Evans (JHBSPH, Sullivan) "Gametocytogenesis in Plasmodium falciparum"W2008
29-MarLais da Silva Pereira (NIH) with Shruti Shankar (BSPH) "Chemosensory mechanisms driving mosquito mating behavior"W2008
5-AprJulian Hillyer (Vanderbilt University) "Not so heartless: functional integration of the immune and circulatory systems of mosquitoes"W2008
12-AprLaura Kirkman (Weill Cornell Medical College) "Antigenic variation and the mechanisms that drive genetic diversification in malaria parasites"W2008
19-AprShengzhang Dong (JHBSPH, Dimopoulos Lab) "Mosquito miRNAs to pathogen defense"W2008
26-AprNo seminar the week of World Malaria Day --
3-MayJailos Lubinda (Ulster University, Ireland) "Spatio-temporal mapping of high and low burden areas to support malaria elimination and control efforts in Zambia using trends and incidence risk"W2008
10-MayRussell Swift (JHBSPH, Prigge) "Essential Apicoplast Metabolism in P. falciparum Parasites"W2008
17-MayNeville Kisalu (NIH) "Development of Potent Monoclonal Antibodies for Malaria Prevention"


25-MayNo seminar - Memorial Day Weekend 
31 -MayMichael Klemba (Virginia Tech) "Functional annotation of Plasmodium falciparum serine hydrolases through chemoproteomics"W2008


Fall 2018 Malaria Friday Seminar Series - Fridays at 4:00 p.m.   

7-SepAudrey Odom John (Washington University in St. Louis) "Targeting metabolism to diagnose and treat malaria"W2008
14-SepMimi Ho (UCLA) "Malaria Parasite Translocon Structure and Mechanism of Effector Export"W2008
21-SepJHMRI Resources & Opportunities [SLIDES]W2008
28-SepDennis Grab (Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences) "Traveling with African Trypanosomes: Across the Human Blood-Brain Barrier and Beyond"W2008
5-OctKrithika Rajaram (Prigge lab) "Characterization of protein import into the apicoplast of P. falciparum"*W3030*
12-OctAmy Wesolowski (JHBSPH) "Spatial malaria dynamics: the role of human mobility on disease transmission"W2008
19-OctJames M. Burns Jr. (Drexel University) "Building a multivalent, blood-stage malaria vaccine"W2008
26-Octno seminar; Future of Malaria Research symposium & poster session in Rockville, MD --

Haripriya Mukundarajan (Standford University) “ABUZZ – Using mobile phones as mosquito sensors for a crowdsourced approach to surveillance

9-NovAli Afify (Potter lab) "Neurogenetic characterization of mosquito repellents"W2008
16-NovKim Williamson (Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences) "

Plasmodium’s dilemma – Should I stay or should I go?"

30-NovIsabelle Coppens  (JHBSPH) "Apicomplexan parasites are also fat accumulators"W2008
7-DecKevin Kain (University of Toronto) "New diagnostics and interventions for severe malaria"W2008
14-DecWei Huang (JHBSPH, Jacobs-Lorena Lab) "Fight malaria with paratransgenesis"W2008



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