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Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute

Winter/Spring 2023 Malaria Seminars | Fridays at 4pm Eastern

DateTitle, Speaker, Affiliation
27 JanJoel Vega-Rodriguez, National Institutes of Health, “Host-parasite-vector interactions shaping Plasmodium transmission”
3 FebJohanna Daily, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, “Investigations in the etiology of coma and discovery of adjunctive therapy in cerebral malaria”
10 FebGladys Gutierrez Bugallo, Institute of Tropical Medicine 'Pedro Kouri' (IPK) Cuba, "Transmission of arboviruses by Aedes spp in Cuba"
17 FebEric Calvo, National Institutes of Health, “Impact of vector salivary proteins on blood feeding and pathogen transmission”
24 FebDionicia Gamboa, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, “A symptomatic, submicroscopic malaria infections: a challenge for malaria elimination in the Peruvian Amazon region
3 MarPaul Sigala, University of Utah, “Unraveling the Metabolic Adaptations of Malaria Parasites”
10 MarWendy O'Meara, Duke University, "Genetic diversity of parasites in the mosquito host – what does it tell us about P. falciparum transmission?"
17 MarMichael Povelones, University of Pennsylvania, "Understanding parasite recognition and killing by the mosquito immune system"
24 MarVictoria Balta, BSPH, “Transmissibility of clinically relevant atovaquone-resistant Plasmodium falciparum by anopheline mosquitoes”
31 MarJessica Schue, BSPH, “Challenges to malaria control and elimination in two transmission settings in Zambia”
7 AprilGood Friday
14 AprilAnnie Martin, BSPH
21 AprilFriday before World Malaria Day symposium
25 AprilWorld Malaria Day Symposium | Blood Stage Malaria: Staving Off the Firestorm
28 AprilCarolina Barillas-Mury, National Institutes of Health
5 MaySabrina Absalon, Indiana University
12 MayJaline Geradin, Northwestern University
19 MayPhil Thuma, Macha Research Trust

Autumn 2022 Malaria Seminars | Fridays at 4pm Eastern

DateTitle, Speaker, Affiliation
23 SeptWilliam Moss, Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute, "The Southern and Central Africa International Center of Excellence for Malaria Research"
30 SeptApril Monroe, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, "Improving malaria control by understanding human behavior"
7 Octno seminar
14 OctJohn Marshall, University of California Berkeley, “Modeling priorities as gene drive mosquito projects transition from lab to field”
21 OctDavid Olsen, Merck & Co, “Productive Academic Industrial malaria drug discovery collaboration: From phenotypic cell based screen to identifying a novel dual targeting lead”
28 OctFuture of Malaria Research Symposium (hybrid symposium)
4 NovEthan Bier, University of California San Diego
11 NovBrian Foy, Colorado State University
17 NovMMI Thursday noon seminar | Bob Seder, NIH 
25 NovThanksgiving holiday
2 DecAbebe Fola, Brown University
9 DecDavid Sullivan, BSPH
16 DecPatrick Duffy, NIH


Winter/Spring 2022 Malaria Seminars | Fridays at 4pm Eastern via Zoom

DateTitle, Speaker, Affiliation
14-JanPurnima Bhanot, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, "Targeting Plasmodium's pre-erythrocytic stages to prevent malaria infection"
21-JanAli Afify, JHMRI, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, "Species-specific differences in the mosquito olfactory response to repellents"
28-JanRahul Bakshi, JHMRI, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, "Everyone needs a Designated Driver: Antibacterials versus malaria as a case study"
4-FebTimothy Shields, JHMRI, Bloomberg School of Public Health, "GIS Applications in Malaria Research"
11-FebMary Gebhardt, JHMRI, Bloomberg School of Public Health, "Investigation and characterization of early-foraging anophelines from a holoendemic malaria setting in Nchelenge, Zambia"
18-FebPradip Rathod, University of Washington, "Targets of sera from Malaria and Covid-19 patients"
25-FebClive Shiff, JHMRI, Bloomberg School of Public Health, "Impact of Aerial Humidity on seasonal Malaria: an ecological study in Zambia"
4-MarDouglas Norris, JHMRI, Bloomberg School of Public Health, "The Rise of the Understudied Malaria Vectors"
11-MarTamaki Kobayashi, JHMRI, Bloomberg School of Public Health, "Malaria seroepidemiology"
18-MarRogerio Amino, Institut Pasteur, "Development of a multi-antigen malaria pre-erythrocytic vaccine"
25-MarPrakash Srinivasan, JHMRI, Bloomberg School of Public Health, "Structure-guided development of a malaria vaccine to prevent disease"
1-AprSung-Jae Cha, JHMRI Bloomberg School of Public Health, "Targeting parasite-mammalian host cell infection with a phage peptide display library"
8-AprPhotini Sinnis, JHMRI Bloomberg School of Public Health, "The Establishment of Malaria Infection: Parasite Bottleneck and Point for Intervention"
15-AprDeborah Andrew, JHMRI, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, “Leveraging the awesome power of Drosophila genetics for the development of vector control strategies”
29-AprMarcelo Ferreira, University of  São Paulo, "Challenges for malaria elimination in Brazil"
6-MayDaniel Smith & Emma Camacho, JHMRI, Bloomberg School of Public Health, "Investigating the melanin-based immune response in Anopheles gambiae
13-MayChris Potter, JHMRI, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, "“Functional Responses to Mosquito Repellents”

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