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Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute

Past Seminars

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Fall 2021 Malaria Seminars | Fridays at 4 p.m. Eastern

DateTitle, Speaker, Affiliation
10-SeptSibao Wang, Chinese Academy of Science, "Exploring Interactions between Mosquitoes, Microbiota and Plasmodium: Implications for Malaria Control"
17-SeptNirbhay Kumar, George Washington University, "Transmission-Blocking Vaccine for Malaria Elimination – Old & New Approaches"
24-SeptLars Hviid, University of Copenhagen, "Fc-dependent effector function of PfEMP1-mediated antibodies and immunity to Plasmodium falciparum malaria"
01-OctJonathan Juliano, University of North Carolina, “Current Epidemiology of Malaria in Tanzania: Is there emerging artemisinin resistance and increasing non-falciparum malaria?”
08-OctAlexis Kaushansky, Seattle Children's Research Institute, "Exploring the consequences of redirecting vesicular traffic in Plasmodium-infected hepatocytes"
15-OctMiriam Laufer, University of Maryland, "Malaria in vulnerable populations"
22-OctAlison Roth, Walter Reed Army Institute for Research, "Leveraging in vitro Liver Models to Identify Novel Therapies Against the Pre-Erythrocytic Stages of Malaria"
29-OctAnnie Yang, Radboud University Medical Center, "The secret lives of Plasmodium falciparum in liver cells during malaria infection"
5-NovPhilip Low, Purdue University, “Development of mechanism-based therapies for malaria, sickle cell disease, cancers, and autoimmune diseases”
19-NovAmerican Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (ASTMH) Annual Meeting
26-NovThanksgiving Holiday
3-DecAbhai Tripathi, Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute, “Transmission-Blocking Vaccine for Malaria: Identification of Novel Antigens”
10-DecSean Prigge, Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute, “The secret life of the apicoplast”

Winter/Spring 2021 Malaria Seminars | Fridays at 12 noon via Zoom

DateTitle, Speaker, Affiliation
22-JanConor McMeniman, JHMRI, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, “Decoding Mosquito Attraction to Human Scent”,
29-JanJHMRI and MMI Faculty and Staff, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, "Core Facilities and Resources", [VIEW/DOWNLOAD SLIDES]
5-FebChoukri Ben Mamoun, Yale University, “B. duncani: An Ideal Apicomplexan Model for Understanding Host-Parasite Inter actions that Guide Intraerythrocytic Development”
12-FebClive Shiff, JHMRI, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health “Malaria in Africa, from Eradication to Pragmatism, 1956-Recent!”
19-FebKirstin Lyke, University of Maryland, “Novel Use and Updates in the Plasmodium falciparum Controlled Human Malaria Infection Model”
26-FebChinmay Tikhe, JHMRI, Johns Hopkin Bloomberg School of Public Health, "Bacteriophage mediated modulation of mosquito microbiota"

Sanjay Desai, NIAID, “More questions than answers: insights into malaria parasite nutrient channels from the first RhopH structure”

12-MarSarah Volkman, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, "Genetic Epidemiology of Malaria in Senegal"
19-MarYevel Flores-Garcia, JHMRI, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, "The antigenic structure of the repeat domain of P. falciparum CSP”
26-Mar Monicah Mburu and Japhet Matoba, Macha Research Trust (Choma District, Zambia), Mike Chaponda, Tropical Diseases Research Centre (Nchelenge District, Zambia), Sungano Mharakurwa, Africa University and Mufaro Kanyangarara, University of South Carolina (Mutasa District, Zimbabwe), "The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Malaria and Malaria Research”
2-AprilSarah Maguire, JHMRI, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine "Dysregulating a mosquito’s sense of smell: how one vector control strategy revealed new features of Anopheles olfaction” 
9-AprilJessica Schue, JHMRI, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, “Malaria epidemiology and control in high and low transmission settings of Zambia”
16-AprilSilvia Portugal, Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology, "Plasmodium falciparum dry season survival strategies” 
23-AprilWorld Malaria Day Symposium | Malaria Vector Biology & Control
30-AprilKelly Searle, University of Minnesota, "Malaria epidemiology in western Mozambique"
7-MayDaniel Goldberg, Washington University, St. Louis, "Malaria parasite plasmepsins: not just plain old degradative pepsins"
14-MayRyan Smith, Iowa State University, “Waves of immunity: Malaria parasite killing in the mosquito host”

Björn Kafsack, Cornell University, “Metabolic Regulation of Sexual Differentiation in Malaria Parasites”

Fall 2020 Malaria Seminar Series - Fridays at 12 noon via Zoom

Friday Dates at NOONSpeaker, Affiliation, and Presentation Title
9/18/2020David Fidock, PhD, Columbia University
"Leveraging Genetic Approaches to Tackle the Global Spread of Drug-Resistant Malaria"
9/25/2020Jane Carlton, PhD, New York University
"Comparative and Evolutionary Genomics of Malaria Parasites: From the Sequencer to the Field"
10/02/2020George Dimopoulos, PhD, MBA, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health
Anopheles population modification: a disruptive technology for malaria control”
10/09/2020Teun Bousema, PhD, MSc, Radboud University, “Understanding and targeting the transmission of Plasmodium falciparum
10/16/2020No Seminar today; the JHMRI will have a Town Hall Meeting.
10/23/2020Philip Rosenthal, MD, University of California, San Francisco, “Malaria drug efficacy, drug resistance, and drug discovery: Studies in Africa and at UCSF”
10/30/2020Julian Rayner, PhD, Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, “Leveraging experimental and natural genetic variation to understand host-parasite interactions and identify new malaria intervention targets” 
11/06/2020Andrew Hammond, PhD, Imperial College London and Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute, “Gene drives for suppression of the malaria mosquito: overcoming resistance” 
11/13/20208:30 am - 1:30 pm EST | Future of Malaria Research Symposium | View VIDEO RECORDINGS here
11/20/2020David Sullivan, MD, Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute, “Novel malaria drug actions that defeat resistance” 
12/04/2020Sung-Jae Cha, PhD, Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute, “Targeting Plasmodium parasite development bottlenecks using a phage display approach”  
12/11/2020Joel Vega-Rodriguez, PhD, National Institutes of Health, “Beyond Cuts and Scraps: The Role of Plasmin during Plasmodium transmission” 
12/18/2020Maryam Saffarian Abbas Zadeh, PhD, Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute, “Chemical genetics approach reveals the role of a multifunctional kinase in Plasmodium development”

Winter/Spring 2020 Malaria Seminar Series - Fridays at 4:00 p.m.

Friday DatesSpeaker, Affiliation, and Presentation Title
1/24/2020Vinayak Joshi, VisionQuest Biomedical LLC,
“Malarial retinopathy screening system for improved diagnosis of cerebral malaria”
1/31/2020Yevel Flores-Garcia, Zavala lab, “Optimization of an in vivo model to study immunity to Plasmodium falciparum pre-erythrocytic stages”
2/7/2020Regina Joice Cordy, Wake Forest University,
“Metabolomics of acute and chronic malaria”
2/14/2020Eric Caragata, Dimopoulos lab, “Chromobacterium sp. Panama (Csp_P): Building a Biopesticide”
2/21/2020Paul Roepe, Georgetown University, “Challenges in Antimalarial Drug Resistance Research”
2/28/2020Brinda Dass, Stephanie James, David O’Brochta, & Michael Santos,  Foundation for the National Institutes of Health, “Gene Drive Approaches for Eliminating Malaria”
3/6/2020Rescheduled to April 10: Gary Ketner, JHMRI
3/13/2020Rescheduled to April 17: Rubayet Elahi, Prigge lab
3/20/2020Rescheduled to Autumn: David Sacks, NIAID, “The Biology of Mating in Leishmania”
3/27/2020Rescheduled to May 22: Cecilia Springer Engdahl, Dimopoulos Lab, “Discovery and development of new insecticides for mosquito control”
4/3/2020Rescheduled to Autumn: Choukri Ben Mamoun, Yale University, “Virulence and Therapy of a Tick-Borne Malaria-Like Pathogen: Inspiration from Rodin's The Thinker”
4/10/2020Virtual seminar: Gary Ketner, JHMRI, "Virus vectored delivery of monoclonal antibody genes for malaria prophylaxis"
4/17/2020Virtual seminar: Rubayet Elahi, Prigge lab, “Why Do Parasites need M&Ms?” 
4/24/2020Virtual seminar: Anthony James, University of California, Irvine, "Population modification of mosquito vectors for malaria control" video recording
5/1/2020Virtual seminar: Matthew Ippolito, "'Where Two Things Meet': Clinical and Translational Studies of Malaria in Zambia"
5/8/2020Virtual seminar: Sachie Kanatani, Sinnis lab, “Screening pathogen box compounds for activity against P. Falciparum sporozoite motility”
5/15/2020ScM presentations from the Department of Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
5/22/2020Cecilia Springer Engdahl, Dimopoulos lab, "Discovery and development of new insecticides for mosquito control”
5/29/2020Rescheduled to Autumn: Sanjai Desai, NIAID
6/5/2020Vector Encounter to be rescheduled

Fall 2019 Malaria Seminar Series - Fridays at 4:00 p.m.

Friday DatesSpeaker, Affiliation, and Presentation Title
9/6/2019Simon Draper, University of Oxford, “Towards a Vaccine for Blood-Stage Malaria – Every Antibody Counts!”
9/13/2019Peter Crompton, National Institutes of Health, “A new role for natural killer cells in host defense against malaria”
9/20/2019Tejram Sahu, Coppens lab, JHMRI, “Liver-stage specific mutant Plasmodium: A candidate for Infection Treatment Vaccination”
9/27/2019Jürgen Bosch, Case Western Reserve University, “Viva Vivax: Long-term culturing of P. vivax in human red cells”
10/4/2019Douglas Norris, “The Wild, Wild West of Malaria Vector Biology and Ecology”
10/11/2019Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena, “Exploring the molecular basis for Anopheles swarming and mating”
10/18/2019Theresa Shapiro, “Antimalarial Drugs: The Potential of Kinetics”
10/25/2019Jennifer Güler, University of Virginia, “The AT-rich genome poises Plasmodium falciparum for adaptation”
11/1/2019Bill Moss, “Malaria Eradication”
11/8/2019Dick Markham, “From Mouse to Infant Macaque: Developing a Malaria Sporozoite Vaccine”
11/15/2019Niraj Tolia, National Institutes of Health, “Structural vaccinology for malaria”
11/22/2019Week of the Future of Malaria Research Symposium & the annual ASTMH meeting
11/29/2019Thanksgiving holiday
12/6/2019Wei Huang, Jacobs-Lorena lab, “Bacterial Suppression of Malaria Transmission in Mosquitoes”
12/13/2019Heather Painter, Food & Drug Administration, “Capturing Fateful Transcriptional Decisions of the Malaria Parasite” 

Winter/Spring 2019 Malaria Seminar Series - Fridays at 4:00 p.m.

DateSpeaker (Affiliation)Location
1-FebEmma Camacho (JHSPH, Casadevall lab) “Exploring the Anopheles gambiae melanin-based immune response against malaria parasite”W2008
8-FebPurnima Bhanot (Rutgers New Jersey Medical School) “Basic biology to directed drug discovery: Targeting Plasmodium’s pre-erythrocytic stages to block mammalian infection”W2008
15-FebJulia Pringle (JHBSPH, Norris/Moss Labs) "Plasmodium falciparum genetics for uncovering mechanisms of sustained malaria transmission in Zambia"W2008
22-FebMike Wells (JHSOM, Andrew Lab) "Mosquito salivary gland cell architecture shapes the journey of Plasmodium sporozoites"W2008
1-MarBill Moss (JHBSPH) "The Southern and Central Africa International Centers of Excellence for Malaria Research”*W3008*
8-MarMaria Luisa Simoes (Dimopoulos) "CTL4 gene knockout blocks Plasmodium infection in the vector mosquito"W2008
15-MarNoah Butler (University of Iowa) "Regulatory circuits that constrain durable immunity against malaria"W2008
22-MarRachel Evans (JHBSPH, Sullivan) "Gametocytogenesis in Plasmodium falciparum"W2008
29-MarLais da Silva Pereira (NIH) with Shruti Shankar (BSPH) "Chemosensory mechanisms driving mosquito mating behavior"W2008
5-AprJulian Hillyer (Vanderbilt University) "Not so heartless: functional integration of the immune and circulatory systems of mosquitoes"W2008
12-AprLaura Kirkman (Weill Cornell Medical College) "Antigenic variation and the mechanisms that drive genetic diversification in malaria parasites"W2008
19-AprShengzhang Dong (JHBSPH, Dimopoulos Lab) "Mosquito miRNAs to pathogen defense"W2008
26-AprNo seminar the week of World Malaria Day --
3-MayJailos Lubinda (Ulster University, Ireland) "Spatio-temporal mapping of high and low burden areas to support malaria elimination and control efforts in Zambia using trends and incidence risk"W2008
10-MayRussell Swift (JHBSPH, Prigge) "Essential Apicoplast Metabolism in P. falciparum Parasites"W2008
17-MayNeville Kisalu (NIH) "Development of Potent Monoclonal Antibodies for Malaria Prevention"


25-MayNo seminar - Memorial Day Weekend 
31 -MayMichael Klemba (Virginia Tech) "Functional annotation of Plasmodium falciparum serine hydrolases through chemoproteomics"W2008


Winter/Spring 2018 Malaria Friday Seminars - Fridays at 4:00 p.m.

19-Jan-18David Sullivan (BSPH) "Selection of new liver stage malaria drugs: Horse pills or gut-liver recirculation"W2008
26-Jan-18Ben Zaitchik (JHU) "An environmentally-informed malaria risk warning system for the western Amazon"W2008
2-Feb-18no seminar; MMI Student Recruitment --
9-Feb-18Monique Stins (BSPH) “Cerebral Malaria Pathogenesis: how a parasite can communicate neurological dysfunctrion”W2008
16-Feb-18Chandy John (Indiana University) "What causes cognitive impairment after severe malaria?"W2008
23-Feb-18Rahul Bakshi (JHSOM, Shapiro Lab) "Long-acting injectable atovaquone nanomedicines for malaria prophylaxis"W2008
2-Mar-18Sethu Nair (BSPH, Prigge Lab) "A novel lipoate ligase enzyme mediating acetylCoA generation in human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum"*W3008*
9-Mar-18Kristin Poti (BSPH, Sullivan Lab) "Investigating the in vivo kinetics of the P. falciparum histidine rich protein 2"W2008
16-Mar-18Akhil Vaidya (Drexel University) "New Antimalarials that Disrupt Ion and Lipid Homeostasis"W2008
23-Mar-18Ashraful Haque (QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute) “Using single-cell genomics and mathematical modelling to explore host/parasite interactions during blood-stage Plasmodium infection”W2008
30-Mar-18Hannah MacLeod (BSPH, Dimopoulos Lab) "There's more than one way to kill a mosquito: exploring the broad entomopathogenic activity of chromobacteria"W2008
6-Apr-18Marisa Hast (BSPH, Moss) "The impact of targeted IRS, vector dynamics, and population movement on malaria in a high-transmission setting in northern Zambia"W2008
13-Apr-18Socrates Herrera (Caucaseco Scientific Research Center - Cali, Colombia) "Sterile protection of human volunteers immunized with Plasmodium vivax radiation-attenuated sporozoites"W2008
20-Apr-18Gary Ward (University of Vermont) "New Approaches to Understanding How Toxoplasma Tachyzoites Move"W2008
27-Apr-18no seminar the week of World Malaria Day  --
4-May-18Gaspar Canepa (NIAID) “The Good, the Bad, and the Loop: Epitope Mapping of Plasmodium falciparum Pfs47 Reveals a Novel Malaria Transmission-Blocking Target”W2008
11-May-18Sung-Jae Cha (BSPH, Jacobs-Lorena) "Molecular characterization of the ligand receptor interaction between Plasmodium sporozoites and liver cells leads to identification of novel strategies for protection against malarial death"W2008

Jacquin Niles (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) "A scalable chemical genetics platform for antimalarial drug target identification"

25-May-18Memorial Day weekend; no seminar --

Fall 2018 Malaria Friday Seminar Series - Fridays at 4:00 p.m.

7-Sep-18Audrey Odom John (Washington University in St. Louis) "Targeting metabolism to diagnose and treat malaria"W2008
14-Sep-18Mimi Ho (UCLA) "Malaria Parasite Translocon Structure and Mechanism of Effector Export"W2008
21-Sep-18JHMRI Resources & Opportunities [SLIDES]W2008
28-Sep-18Dennis Grab (Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences) "Traveling with African Trypanosomes: Across the Human Blood-Brain Barrier and Beyond"W2008
5-Oct-18Krithika Rajaram (Prigge lab) "Characterization of protein import into the apicoplast of P. falciparum"*W3030*
12-Oct-18Amy Wesolowski (JHBSPH) "Spatial malaria dynamics: the role of human mobility on disease transmission"W2008
19-Oct-18James M. Burns Jr. (Drexel University) "Building a multivalent, blood-stage malaria vaccine"W2008
26-Oct-18no seminar; Future of Malaria Research symposium & poster session in Rockville, MD --

Haripriya Mukundarajan (Standford University) “ABUZZ – Using mobile phones as mosquito sensors for a crowdsourced approach to surveillance

9-Nov-18Ali Afify (Potter lab) "Neurogenetic characterization of mosquito repellents"W2008
16-Nov-18Kim Williamson (Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences) "Plasmodium’s dilemma – Should I stay or should I go?"W2008
30-Nov-18Isabelle Coppens  (JHBSPH) "Apicomplexan parasites are also fat accumulators"W2008
7-Dec-18Kevin Kain (University of Toronto) "New diagnostics and interventions for severe malaria"W2008
14-Dec-18Wei Huang (JHBSPH, Jacobs-Lorena Lab) "Fight malaria with paratransgenesis"W2008

Fall 2017 Malaria Friday Seminar series - Fridays 4:00 p.m.


Sabra Klein (BSPH)
"Sex differences in malaria vaccine efficacy depend on age"

15-Sep-17no JHMRI seminar the week of the Molecular Parasitology MeetingW2008

Conor McMeniman (BSPH)
"Neural Circuitry Mediating Mosquito CO2 Detection"

29-Sep-17Mike Povelones (University of Pennsylvania)
"Targeting regulators of the mosquito complement-like pathway to block malaria transmission"

Gibbs Nasir (BSPH, Sinnis)
"The Role of Antibodies Targeting Plasmodium Sporozoites: Is the Greatest Impact at the Inoculation Site?"


Ian Cockburn (Australia National University)
"T and B cell responses to Plasmodium sporozoites"

20-Oct-17Giovanna Carpi (BSPH, Norris)
"Plasmodium diversity in vectors and humans through the lens of genomics”
27-Oct-17David Serre (University of Maryland)
"Drug Resistance and Relapse in Plasmodium vivax"
3-Nov-17No seminar; The Future of Malaria Research 
10-Nov-17Tomoko Ishino (Ehime University - Japan)
"Identification of a male specific protein involved in exflagellation"
17-Nov-17Photini Sinnis (BSPH)
"Using the Rodent Malaria Model to Understand the Force of Malaria Infection"
24-Nov-17No JHMRI seminar the week of Thanksgiving 
1-Dec-17Clive Shiff (BSPH)
"The mosquito, damn it"
8-Dec-17David Sullivan (BSPH) "Subclinical malaria in Bangladesh"W2008
15-Dec-17Matt Ippolito (JHSOM)

"The Clinical Pharmacology of Malaria Control and Elimination: Untangling the Antigametocyte Effects of ACTs"

Spring 2017 Malaria Friday Seminars - Fridays 4pm
20-JanMichael Macdonald (Consultant) "“Entomology and Vector Control in the Greater Mekong Subregion”W2008
27-JanJohn Adams (University of South Florida) "Discovering the essential genome of Plasmodium falciparum"W2008
3-FebNo seminar; MMI student recruitment 
10-FebLeah Walker (BSPH, Sullivan) "Optimization of antimalarial regimens in a cytocidal P. berghei model"W2008
17-FebGrace Kennedy (BSPH, Sullivan) "Repurposing iron chelators and cethromycin for liver stage malaria"W2008
24-FebSeoukyoung Kang (BSPH, Dimopoulos) "Prefoldin, a potential target for transmission blocking of malaria in Anopheles mosquitoes"W2008
3-MarAnna Durbin (BSPH) "A Year in the Life of Zika"W2008
10-MarFlaminia Catteruccia (Harvard School of Public Health) "Sex, blood and parasites: the malaria mosquito exposed"W2008
17-MarPrakash Srinivasan (BSPH) "Understanding Plasmodium invasion of host cells"W2008
24-MarDouglas Norris and Giovanna Carpi (BSPH, Norris) "PREMONITION: robotic smart traps and metagenomic pipelines for vector and pathogen surveillance and discovery"*W3008*
31-MarMads Daugaard (University of British Columbia) "Exploiting malarial host-anchor proteins for cancer therapy"W2008
7-AprBrian Lovett (Raymond St. Leger Lab, University of Maryland) "Genetically engineered insect pathogenic fungi"W2008
14-AprJesus Valenzuela (NIH) "What’s behind a successful parasite transmission by a sand fly bite?"W2008
21-AprWei Huang (BSPH, Jacobs-Lorena) "Developing strategies to fight malaria parasite in mosquitoes"W2008
28-AprJenny Stevenson (BSPH and Macha Research Trust) "Residual malaria transmission: rethinking entomology surveillance"W2008
5-MayYevel Flores-Garcia (Zavala) "The effect of antibodies on motility of sporozoites in the skin"W2008
12-MayShaden Kamhawi (NIH) "A crucial role for gut microbiota of sand flies in Leishmania development and transmission"W2008
19-MayNo seminar; ScM student presentations 
26-MayNo seminar; Memorial Day weekend 
2-JunNo seminar; speaker rescheduled 
9-JunNo seminar; Vector Encounter 
16-JunRussell Swift (BSPH, Prigge) "Elucidation of Essential Apicolplast Proteins in Plasmodium falciparum"W2008
23-JunThiago Rosa (RWTH Aachen University, Germany) "The mechanisms of complement evasion by malaria parasites"W2008


2016 FALL MALARIA FRIDAY SEMINARS - Fridays from 4 to 5 p.m.

9-SepJHMRI Fall Kick-Off & Social, "New Resources and Opportunities" (slides)W2008
16-SepShannon Takala Harrison (University of Maryland)

"Genomic Epidemiology of Antimalarial Drug Resistance in Southeast Asia"

23-SepChristine Hopp (National Institutes of Health)

"Imaging human malaria sporozoites at the inoculation site"

30-SepRaul Saraiva (JHSPH, Dimopoulos)

"Fighting bugs with bugs: anti-Plasmodium mechanisms of mosquito midgut bacteria"

7-OctManuel Llinas (Pennsylvania State University)

"Dissecting the Regulation of Plasmodium Development"

14-OctTejram Sahu (JHSPH, Coppens)

"Plasmodium Liver-Stage: From Basic Biology to Vaccine Development"

21-OctKelly Searle (JHSPH, Moss)

"Challenges to achieving malaria elimination in southern Zambia"

28-OctSanjai Kumar (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

"Immunopathogenesis of Experimental Cerebral Malaria"

4-NovThe Future of Malaria Research symposiumRockville, MD
11-NovJake Tu (Virginia Tech)

"Sex and control of mosquito-borne infectious diseases"

18-NovPietro Alano (Dipartimento di Malattie Infettive, Parassitarie ed Immunomediate, Istituto Superiore di Sanità)

"Low profile and hideouts in the transmission strategy of Plasmodium falciparum"

25-NovNo seminar; JHU closed for Thanksgiving holiday -

Tamaki Kobayashi (JHSPH, Moss)
"The use of serology for malaria surveillance in Southern Africa"


George Dimopoulos (JHSPH) 
transmission bottlenecks in the mosquito"

16-DecDavid Fidock (Columbia University)

"MALARIA: Tackling the Tsunami of Drug Resistance"



2016 MALARIA FRIDAY SEMINARS  - Fridays at 4 p.m. in W2008

29-Jan-2016Kyle McLean (JHSPH - Jacobs-Lorena)
5-Feb-2016Jane Carlton (New York University)
12-Feb-2016Clive Shiff (JHSPH)
19-Feb-2016David Sullivan (JHSPH)
26-Feb-2016Sung Jae Cha (JHSPH - Jacobs-Lorena)
4-Mar-2016Joel Vega-Rodriguez (JHSPH - Jacobs-Lorena)
11-Mar-2016Ananias Escalante (Temple University)
18-Mar-2016Debbie Andrew (JHSOM)
25-Mar-2016Zack Adelman (Virginia Tech University)
1-Apr-2016Krithika Rajaram (JHSPH - Dinglasan)
8-Apr-2016Karen Masterson, author of The Malaria Project: The U.S. Government's Secret Mission to find a Miracle Cure
15-Apr-2016Jason Stumhofer (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences)
22-Apr-2016Amanda Balaban (JHSPH - Sinnis)
29-Apr-2016Sean Prigge (JHSPH)
6-May-2016Fidel Zavala (JHSPH)
13-May-2016Channe Gowda  (Pennsylvania State University) 
20-May-2016Rob Paris (Walter Reed Army Institute for Research)
27-May-2016No seminar; Memorial Day Weekend
3-Jun-2016Christine Jones (JHSPH - Norris)


2015 DATES



Tim Shields/Frank Curriero (JHU - Environmental Surveillance Core)


Olena 'Lena' Riabinina (Johns Hopkins University - Potter lab)


Paul Roepe (Georgetown University)


No seminar, JHMRI Fall Symposium - Rockville, MD


Alejandro Kroleweicki (Fundacion Huesped, Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Phil Thuma (Macha Research Trust)


Norman Waters (Walter Reed Army Institute for Research)


Mike Matunis (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)


No seminar; JHU closed for Thanksgiving holidays


Johanna Daily (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University)


Monique Stins (Johns Hopkins School of Public Health/School of Medicine)


Kyle McKlean (Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Jacobs-Lorena Lab)


No seminar, JHU closed for Christmas